Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another child, another poem

I've posted twice before about poems written by my daughters for their English classes. I love them. It's a very cool assignment that I wish we had done as kids. Well, the tradition continues. Lily brought home the same poem the first week of school. Since she wrote hers as a sixth grader and the other girls were well into high school before writing theirs, I think it would be interesting to have Lily rewrite hers in a few years to see how much her self-awareness might change. In any case-I am reposting the older two girls' poems here along with Lily's. Enjoy!! 

(Ceara-Sept 2011)
Where I'm From

I am from the resevoirs
The winter snow and summer sun
I am from the happy laughing
I am from the dragonflies
The gladiolas in the yard.

I am from The Pumpkin Show and getting out of school
From Grandma Houston and Grandma Lutz
I am from the bedtime songs and simple lullabies
From you look just like your mom and look at those blue eyes
I am from the church songs
The puppet shows and Bible coloring pages

I am from the backs and forths
The ups and downs the all arounds
From the family gatherings
The holidays

I am from my family
Unique in every way
Never one quite like another
but all somewhat the same. 

(Cidney-Jan 2014)
Where I'm From

I am from the camera
from glasses and hair bows
I am from the little blue box on Bryn Mawr
I am from the purple impatiens
and bright pink lilies

I am from blue eyes and attitude
from Susie and Jean
I am from the new Brady Bunch
and childrens' shrieking voices
from know your worth and strive for better
I am from chaos
too busy for everything

I'm from Lima and Corrinne
potato soup and older brothers
from the angel babies born with wings
to "I was here and now I ain't"

I am from fear of the past
wonder for the future
From too many snapshots
and so many keepsakes
From curly hair
and a hospital food basket
This is who I am

(Lily-Aug. 26,2015)
I am from Sponge Bob
from bleach and febreeze
I am from the board games on the floor
It looked cluttered

I am from the roses
The hummingbird
Tiny but Strong

I'm from the athletes and blue eyes
From mom,dad and Grandpa Gene

I'm from the craziness and humor
From "You're beautiful"
And stories of mermaids

I'm from Jesus dying
for me
I'm from Maryland, Germany and Ireland
from Streudel and Soda bread
From The Pilgrim Edward Doty
who helped settle the land
To the 30th President to lead it
The closet
And binders

I'm from siblings
And soccer
And fun

I am so blessed......what incredible girls I have. <3